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    All Purpose

    Vegan cleaners tough enough for any surface in your home

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      Frosch Baby

      Gentle on your little one's skin, powerful on stains.

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      When life gives you lemons...

      When life gives you lemons...

      ...use them to get things sparkling! Break down hard water, limescale, and other tricky stains with the fresh, natural power of lemons.  


      From the Blog

      • August 17, 2018 Guide to Indoor Air Quality
        Guide to Indoor Air Quality

        Some studies show that the air inside your home is actually 2 to 5 times worse than the air quality is outside, which is shocking when you think about how much time we spend indoors. The air inside your home is impacted by all sorts of things you may not have considered, from the type of paint on your walls to the scented candle burning in your entryway. 

      • July 24, 2018 Introducing: Frosch Referral Program
        Introducing: Frosch Referral Program

        Did you know Frosch has been voted Germany's most trusted brand in household cleaning by Reader's Digest for more than 15 years... and we want to keep that going! 

        To help spread the word about our environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning supplies, we're inviting you to share Frosch with your friends and family and earn while you refer!  Each friend you refer will receive 15% off their first order, and you'll receive $10 off an order for each friend that uses your referral!

      • July 12, 2018 The Cleaning Power of Lemon
        The Cleaning Power of Lemon

        Who doesn't love the smell of freshly chopped citrus in the kitchen? Or the refreshingly tart taste of lemonade on a hot day?

        Known best for it's sour flavor and bright scent, lemons are not only a culinary star, this fruit is also powerhouse in the cleaning world and has been used for centuries to treat, disinfect and bleach surfaces. 

      • July 09, 2018 Get to Know Frosch - Naturally Active Ingredients and Surfactants
        Get to Know Frosch - Naturally Active Ingredients and Surfactants If you're new to Frosch, you may simply know us for the fresh, vegan cleaning power of our products. But did you know there's more that goes into our products than just powerful ingredients? Frosch holds its company and its products to what we call our 9 characteristics of eco-identity. We'll be diving into different aspects of these 9 points to give you a better understanding of what goes into Frosch product (and therefore, what you'll be bringing into your home!). Let's jump in! 

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