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Universal Cleaner Orange - 750 ml

$ 5.99

Frosch's Orange Universal Cleaner is a powerful multi-purpose cleaner for the efficient cleaning of floors and almost all wipeable surfaces throughout the home. The formula contains highly effective grease-removing solvents made from orange peel and powerful dirt-dissolving soaps. It reliably removes grease and dirt from most surfaces without leaving any residue. This dermatologically-tested cleaner leaves a pleasant, fresh orange scent every time it is used for cleaning.

Product Details

  • 750 ml, 25.4 oz.
  • Intensive cleaning for floors and almost all wipeable surfaces in the house* (note: not suitable for oiled and waxed wood surfaces).
  • The powerful formula with orange scent powerfully removes grease and dirt in a natural manner.
  • Dependable and residue-free cleaning.
  • Removes unpleasant odors and leaves a pleasant, fresh orange scent.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Vegan formula.

Usage Instructions

  • Dosage: 2 tablespoonfuls (24 ml) to 5L water.
  • In the case of stubborn dirt, apply undiluted, let sit and rinse thoroughly.


  • < 5% anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, soap, preservatives (phenoxyethanol), fragrances (limonene, linalool, other fragrances).
  • Further ingredients: orange oil, cosmetic-grade colorant.

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