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Baking Soda All Purpose Cleaner

$ 6.95

Easy cleaning and house-wide versatility make this all-natural all-purpose cleaner a favorite at Frosch. Formulated with baking soda for extra grease-dissolving action, our vegan, eco-friendly solution is safe for use around the kitchen and food prep areas. This cleaner removes stubborn grease and persistent dirt, while leaving your surfaces smelling clean and fresh. Simply spray the cleaner on a surface, let sit briefly, and then wipe away dirt and grease.

Product Details

  • 16.9 oz. per bottle
  • Efficient, all-purpose cleaning for most washable household surfaces
  • Powerful formula with natural baking soda removes stubborn grease, persistent dirt or other smudges and grime throughout the home
  • Natural ingredients make this product ideal and safe for kitchen use
  • Packaged in 100% recycled PET
  • 100% vegan formula
  • Never tested on animals
  • EU Ecolabel certified
  • Product of Germany

Ingredients: 5% anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, soap, preservatives (phenoxyethanol), perfumes

Further ingredients: soda, food grade colorants


  • Turn nozzle until the spray symbol "ON" is at the top
  • Spray on surface, let sit briefly, and wet wipe clean. If needed, polish with a dry cloth.
  • Do not use cleaner on unsealed wood, waxed or oiled surfaces, or acrylic surfaces.
  • On varnished surfaces test in an inconspicuous area before use.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Do not mix with other products.
  • Avoid inhaling sprayed product.
  • With sensitive skin please wear rubber gloves.