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Frosch Wholesale

Frosch Wholesale


Frosch creates natural cleaning products for every area of the home and office. We use plant based materials with other natural ingredients to create chemical free, but powerful cleaning products. Frosch was voted #1 in Germany for the last decade by customers. Our products are manufactured using state of the art equipment and by a leading team of research and development scientists. Frosch offers competitive wholesale pricing allowing you to clean more with less. Our natural cleaning products are perfect for use around people since there is no harsh or unpleasant chemical smell. The non-toxic products also work well if you must clean areas while people are present since there is no unpleasant smell or irritation. Since there is no chemical residue, people are less likely to experiece irritation or allergies when they come into contact with cleaned surfaces, even hours or days later.

Our lineup includes all purpose cleaners, surface cleaners, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, soaps, detergents, and more. You can view all Frosch products by clicking here or contact us immediately: Phone 718-298-3807 or by Email:


Please read our FAQ to learn more about how our products are made. Visit our About section to learn more about Frosch. And browse All Products to see our full lineup.

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