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Everybody knows using organic products is the future. This is especially true of safe, natural cleaning products. People seem to be unhappy with chemical based cleaning products because the chemicals contained in the products may be hazardous to the health of people, families, and pets. While it’s still too early to say what the long term effects of these chemicals are, most people decide not to introduce potentially harmful chemicals into their bodies and environments.

The Frosch brand was created in 1986 with the intention of offering environmentally safe cleaning products that were able to compete with tradition cleaning brands without compromise. We don’t believe you should have to compromise effectiveness or strength when selecting a natural cleaning product.

We’ve spent over 30 years developing and perfecting our products. Our use of scientific research to create our products has led us to discover the most effective natural cleaning agents that are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Our efforts have paid off - Frosch was voted the #1 cleaning company in Germany for the last 15 years.

Environmental considerations permeate every aspect of Frosch - production, ingredients, and packaging. Frosch’s state-of-the-art research facility is constantly working to improve its formulations of new products. Frosh production takes place under the strict EMAS scheme of the European Union, a voluntary scheme with strict, company-wide environmental requirements.

Frosch uses only plant-based surfactants. Unlike other brands, Frosch seeks to minimize the use of surfactants from tropical sources. When necessary, Frosch purchases only RSPO-certified Palm Kernel Oil. Tropical surfactant production has led to significant rain forest degradation in countries like Indonesia and also leads to a larger carbon footprint as raw materials have to travel long distances to production facilities. Please click here for more details about Frosch's surfactant initiatives.

Frosch specifically avoids the use of vegetable-based packaging and prefers to use a large percentage of recycled material in their packaging (minimum of 80%) with a recyclability of 100%. Frosch believes that this approach is more environmentally friendly when viewed globally. Frosch is continually working to improve the sustainability and performance of its packaging. Please click here for more details about Frosch's recycling initiatives.

Frosch does not completely avoid the use of dyes and perfumes. Based on experience, Frosch finds that many consumers particularly love the scents that belong to our products and also enjoy the aesthetic and fun conveyed by the product colors. Frosch dyes and scents ingredients are very carefully selected by the lab team. They are either cosmetic-grade or food-grade and have excellent and proven skin sensitivity. We will never use: phosphates, borates, formaldehyde, NTA, EDTA, PVC Frosch products are never not tested on animals.

Lemon Shower & Bathroom Cleaner Our natural shower and bathroom cleaner leaves your bathroom surfaces sparkling, eliminating foul odors with a fresh lemon scent. The strong vegan formula, including lemon acid, makes it a powerful soap scum, water stain, and limescale cleaner. The formula’s use of powerful lemon acid makes it the perfect general bathroom cleaner.

Lemon Toilet Bowl CleanerFrosh Lemon WC / Toilet cleaner is a strong, fast, and effective natural toilet cleaner. Removes dirt, limescale, and urine scale, leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. Natural lemon extracts in the vegan formula are optimal for removing stubborn stains.

Frosch Natural Vinegar Cleaner - One of Frosch's most iconic products and a staple in Germany, the Vinegar Cleaner is a versatile and extremely effective household cleaner. This cleaner excels in the kitchen and bathroom with the removal of everything from limescale to grease to bad odors.

Frosch Starter Kit - All of the everyday Frosch items, in one convenient package. Set yourself up for powerful cleaning with products that are actually friendly. Contains one each of: 

  1. Lavender Universal Cleaner
  2. Baking Soda Dishwashing Liquid
  3. Lemon WC/ Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  4. Bio Spirit Glass Cleaner Spray
  5. Lemon Shower and Bathroom Cleaner
  6. Aloe Vera Dishwashing Lotion

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