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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Frosch USA shipping policy?
Frosch USA offers free ground shipping within the contiguous USA on all orders above $29. Orders below $29 have a shipping charge of $5. Read more about shipping and returns here

How does the Frosch referral program work?
Frosch offers $10 off for every customer you refer using our program. The friend you refer will receive 15% off their first order, and you will automatically receive a coupon for $10 off emailed to you as soon as your friend places an order. Read more about the referral program here.

What is the Frosch approach to surfactants like palm oil and other tropical-based oils?
Frosch uses only plant-based surfactants. Unlike other brands, Frosch seeks to minimize the use of surfactants from tropical sources. When necessary, Frosch purchases only RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)-certified Palm Kernel Oil. Tropical surfactant production has led to significant rain forest degradation in countries like Indonesia and also leads to a larger carbon footprint as raw materials have to travel long distances to production facilities. Please click here for more details about Frosch's surfactant initiatives.

What is the Frosch approach to bioplastics (like corn plastic)?
Frosch specifically avoids the use of vegetable-based packaging and prefers to use a large percentage of recycled material in their packaging (minimum of 80%) with a recyclability of 100%. Frosch believes that this approach is more environmentally friendly when viewed globally. Frosch is continually working to improve the sustainability and performance of its packaging. Please click here for more details about Frosch's award-winning recycling initiatives.

Are these the same Frosch products that are available in Europe?
Yes, these products feature the same formulas as the products available in Europe and in other Frosch export countries.

My favorite Frosch product is not listed on Frosch USA. Will I be able to buy it in the future?
Yes, our goal is to expand the US Frosch product lineup over time. Please join our email list if you want to be kept up-to-date on any new developments. If there is a Frosch product that you would really like to see in the US, please let us know.

Why does Frosch use colors and fragrances in their products?
Frosch does not completely avoid the use of dyes and perfumes. Based on decades of research and experience, Frosch finds that many consumers enjoy the scents that belong to our products and also enjoy the aesthetic and fun conveyed by the product colors. Frosch dyes and scents ingredients are very carefully selected by the lab team and are either cosmetic-grade or food-grade and have excellent and proven skin sensitivity.

What makes the pH Neutral Universal Cleaner so special?
The pH-Neutral Universal Cleaner was the very first Frosch product. It is well known for its mildness and versatility. It can be used for everything from floor cleaning to surface cleaning to hand washing laundry. It is a true universal cleaner.

Which ingredients will Frosch never use?
Frosch refuses to use the following ingredients:

  • Phosphates: Phosphates are powerful and comparably low-priced components that are still used in many cleaning and detergent products. They generally boost product performance. Phosphates accelerate the growth of water plants (Eutrophication) which leads to a lack of oxygen in aquatic environments.
  • Borates: Borates are used as a very cheap part of bleach systems that are used in fabric and machine dishwashing detergents. After the new EU Classification, borates are classified as T (poisonous) / R 60, R61 (can disturb the reproduction ability and may damage the child in the womb).
  • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a very efficient and cheap preservative that is still often used in many products. There are concerns about the long term health effects of Formaldehyde. NTA (Nitrolotriacetat): NTA is a component that improves the performance of cleaning agents and detergents. Its main task is to reduce the water hardness in order to improve cleaning performance. It is also used as a stabilizer. There are concerns about the long term health effects of NTA.
  • EDTA (Ethylendiamintetraacetat): EDTA is a very cheap component with similar properties as NTA. EDTA biodegrades poorly and can remobilize heavy metals in waters.
  • PVC: PVC is a cheap packaging material. When PVC is incinerated, toxic organic chlor compound, salt acid and other dangerous components are created.

Where are Frosch products manufactured?
Frosch products are manufactured in Germany or Austria.

Is Frosch tested on animals?
Frosch products are not tested on animals. Frosch has partnered with the WWF and NABU on various conservation initiatives. For more information, click here.

Where can I find Frosch Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?
Please contact us at for MSDS information.