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Frosch's 9 Points

Frosch identifies 9 characteristics which define its eco identity. They are:  

Use of Natural Active Ingredients  Frosch products take advantage of the power of natural ingredients to support the surfactant and boost product performance. Other "green" competitors may offer environmentally friendly products, but not with a compatible cleaning performance. 

Exclusive Use of Plant-Based Surfactants  Frosch only uses surfactants of plant-based origin and seeks to minimize their quantity by focusing on efficiency. Frosch surfactants are 100% biodegradable and are 100% sustainability-certified by Book & Claim RSPO

Advanced Skin Friendliness  All Frosch products are dermatologically tested and strict skin criteria are followed for development of all new formulas. Frosch only uses minimum amounts of well-selected preservatives, colorants or preservatives. 

Harmful Chemical Avoidance  Frosch products are free of Phosphate, Borate, Formaldehyde, EDTA and halogenorganic compounds.

Sustainable Packaging Strategy  All Frosch bottles and case cartons are 100% recyclable. Frosch packaging design is specifically optimized to minimize weight and ensure space-efficient transportation. Frosch primary packaging is produced onsite which minimizes the transport required - it is estimated that this saves 47,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year. Frosch specifically favors the use of PET with minimum 80% recycled content and believes that this approach is ultimately more sustainable than the use of so-called "bioplastics". 

Animal friendliness  All Frosch products are vegan and free from animal-derived ingredients.

Sustainable and Energy-Saving Manufacturing  Frosch takes an all-encompassing, company-wide approach to sustainability and minimized energy use. Frosch headquarters are a LEED platinum-certified facility and production is subject to the rigorous EMAS, ISO 50001 and A.I.S.E. certified eco-management guidelines, among the strictest in the world. Frosch owns our own waste-recycling system and publishes an annual energy audit. 

Water Focus  Frosch owns our own reverse osmosis water treatment plant which provides the deionized water that is ideal for their formulations. This water plant also assures that only clean water is returned into the wast water cycle after production. Water from company-owned wells is used for production as well as heating and cooling in the company's headquarters.

Experience  Frosch has more than 30 years of experience in the green cleaning market and this experience is invaluable in terms of the brand's ability to provide products that are high-performing and environmentally friendly.