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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ah, spring time. The time of rebirth and renewal and refreshing. The second the weather warms up, we're ready to throw open the windows, let the sun shine in, and CLEAN. Spring cleaning isn't just a trend, it's a way of life for us at Frosch. Here's what's on our to-do list for warmer cleaning weather:

1. Windows. Treat those windows AND screens to prepare for sunnier weather. Screens can be hosed off and scrubbed with a little dish soap or all purpose cleaner (we like our Vinegar Cleaner for screens), while windows themselves can be wiped down with a glass cleaner (Bio Spirit is a favorite here, of course). 

2. Linens, Furniture and Floors. Clean and air it all out! Vacuum, shake off, and otherwise treat any area rugs, carpets or flooring. Our pH Neutral cleaner can be your best friend here - use it spot clean stains, hand wash area rugs, or gently wash a wide variety of flooring. Take time to vacuum on, under and around furniture, and wipe down any hard surfaces while you're at it. And make sure those curtains and window treatments aren't neglected too! 

3. Appliances. Get ready to deep clean! It's time to toss out any leftovers you don't recognize in the freezer and fridge, and give those shelves and drawers a nice wipe down. Use a bucket and some dish soap or a mild spray cleaner like our Baking Soda Spray to deodorize safely around food storage. Tackle your oven, stovetop and grill, too -- our degreasing Grapefruit Kitchen Cleaner is a winner here. 

4. High traffic areas. Take a bucket and your favorite all-purpose cleaner (we like our Lavender Universal cleaner for this task) and hit the floor - or rather, the baseboards! Save yourself from spring cold and flu season by wiping down baseboards, walls, doors and doorknobs, drawer pulls, the fronts of cabinets, and any areas that get a lot of traffic from germy hands but don't get wiped off too regularly. 

5. Clean you cleaners. You're done cleaning house? Don't put those tools away yet! Before you wrap up your spring cleaning... give your cleaning tools a clean! Vacuum or pull off any hair and debris caught in your broom, use a cloth to wipe off dust and grime from the outside of your vacuum (while you're at it - does the filter need cleaning or replacing??), disinfect and air out any cleaning brushes. Next time your deep clean will feel extra clean.  

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