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The Cleaning Power of Lemon

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The Cleaning Power of Lemon
Cleaning with Lemons!

Who doesn't love the smell of freshly chopped citrus in the kitchen? Or the refreshingly tart taste of lemonade on a hot day?

Known best for it's sour flavor and bright scent, lemons are not only a culinary star, this fruit is also powerhouse in the cleaning world and has been used for centuries to treat, disinfect and bleach surfaces. 

Do you know why lemons work so well in cleaning? Let's find out! 

The main reason lemons are so effective is they have a high citric acid content. Chemically speaking, citric acid is a chelating agent, meaning it binds with metals and makes them soluble. There are tons of applications here: limescale, rust, hard water - lemon juice is very effective at breaking these stains down! 

Soap scum also doesn't stand a chance against citric acid. Generally speaking, soaps are alkaline (on the opposite side of the pH scale from acids). Acids neutralize alkalies, the same way they break down limescale and rust.

Speaking of stains and alkalies, lemon juice is also a tough fighter on laundry stains. Sweat stains are mainly comprised of alkaline materials, like aluminum in deodorant, mixed with salty minerals in your sweat. Lemon juice is able to break those stains like that down in the wash. 

In addition to working hard against rust and limescale, the acidity in lemon juice also makes it a great anti-microbial agent. Citric acid kills and stops the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. 

Lemon juice also commonly added as a preservative. The acidity draws out water content, balancing the pH. It's often used to preserve the color and flavor in foods, or extend the shelf life of pharmaceuticals or cleaning products. 

Lemon juice works best, however, when it's combined with other cleaning agents, like baking soda or detergents. In our Lemon Cream Cleaner, lemon juice is added to boost the scouring properties of marble flour, helping it effectively removing stains and buildup on ceramics, stainless steel, enamel and more. In our Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner, lemon juice is added to detergents, which boosts the efficiency against hard water stains, limescale, and even urine buildup.

In all our lemon products, the added citrus has one more added benefit: no harsh chemical smell! The naturally fresh smell of lemon is all that's left behind when you're done cleaning. 

What's your favorite way to clean with lemon?


Photo by Matt Nelson via Unsplash

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