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Get to Know Frosch - Advanced Skin-Friendliness and Harmful Chemical Avoidance

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Get to Know Frosch - Advanced Skin-Friendliness and Harmful Chemical Avoidance

Since our beginnings, Frosch has focused on developing products that not only support our mission to create a healthier planet, but also a healthier home. Our 9 definitions of eco-identity outline the standards that we hold not only our products to, but also our creation and development processes. Today, however, we'd like to dive a little deeper into an aspect of our products that hit even closer to home: your personal health. 

It's important to Frosch that our products not only help preserve the environment, but also keep your home free of harmful pollutants. That's where these two eco-definitions come in:

  • Advanced Skin Friendliness All Frosch products are dermatologically tested and strict skin criteria are followed for development of all new formulas. Frosch only uses minimum amounts of well-selected preservatives, colorants or preservatives.
  • Harmful Chemical Avoidance Frosch products are free of Phosphate, Borate, Formaldehyde, EDTA and halogenorganic compounds.

Our aim is to make our products as healthy as possible. Because of this, our raw materials and formulations for our products are subject to a detailed analysis of their origin (we prefer to only use products from regenerative sources), their properties in the usage phase (in order to minimize any potential hazards) and their fate after use (whether or not a product is able to biodegrade). Our aim is to continually optimize raw materials, formulations and packaging components so they completely meet our high sustainability demands in every way.

Our products also all come with the EU Ecolabel certification, which means they meet specific criteria that outlines that our products are not only easier on the environment through using less wasteful packaging, but also have reduced the amount of harmful chemicals that can negatively affect your health (or the planet's!). 

In addition to meeting strict EU Ecolabel standards for our cleaning products, Frosch is also transparent about avoiding several known toxic ingredients. Our products are always formulated without these harmful chemicals: 


  • Phosphates: Phosphates are powerful, cheap mineral components that are used in many cleaning products to boost product performance. However, phosphates accelerate the growth of algae and water plants (also known as eutrophication) which leads to a lack of oxygen in aquatic environments.
  • Borates: Commonly known as borax, borates are used as a cheap ingredient in bleach systems for fabric and machine dishwashing detergents. After a EU classification, borates were classified as T (poisonous) and R 60, R61 (can disturb the reproduction ability and may damage the child in the womb).
  • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a very efficient and cheap preservative that is still often used in many products, yet there are concerns about the long term health effects of formaldehyde. According to the EPA, formaldehyde causes a number of short term problems, like nasal and airway irritation, as well as long term problems like cancer. 
  • NTA (Nitrolotriacetate): NTA is a component  used as a stabilizer that improves the performance of cleaning agents and detergents. Its main task is to reduce the water hardness in order to improve cleaning performance. However, NTA is known to cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation; as well as can cause kidney and bladder damage.It's also linked to some cancers in long term studies. 
  • EDTA (Ethylendiamintetraacetate): EDTA is a very cheap component with similar properties as NTA. EDTA biodegrades poorly and can re-mobilize heavy metals in waters.

 Have a question about the ingredients or properties of any of our products? Contact us, and we can provide MSDS (materials safety data sheets), ingredient lists, or answers to any of your questions! 

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